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the tribe needs your help....

we’re 100% indie and we have a goal to reach 1500 pre-orders before U P P E R H A N D drops on the 28th, so here’s what we’re asking from the tribe…  pre-order the album here or iTunes follow @indiextribe and DM us a screenshot of your purchase receive a link for access into the U P P E R R O O M the U P P E R  R O O M has access to an unreleased indie tribe song that may never hit DSPs and some very special tribe exclusives. 👀 The campaign starts now! » 🐎🐎🐎

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“HOLY SMOKE!” marks the atomic announcement of Jon Keith joining the indie tribe collective. wasting no time for formalities, the track opens with in your face drums and a relentless assault of bar after bar after bar. now streaming on your favorite platform.

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tribe on the move! 🐎

despite suffering a massive setback in January when a car was broken into and much of Cinemaddox’s (indie tribe’s videographer) equipment was stolen, the tribe bounced back quickly. now, rumors are reaching a fever pitch behind the recent success of the group’s new single “OUTSIDE”, a heartfelt ballad expressing gratefulness and reverence to God for His creation and His work in the groups’ lives. the collective is known for keeping the fans on their toes, and this major announcement is no different.  so now.. after months of swirling speculation, social media suggestions and dropping hints, one fact has finally officially surfaced: indie tribe is back, and it’s got a new look, as they welcome CHH’s funniest rapper Jon Keith and...

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"OUTSIDE" is a contemplative exploration of peace and healing, woven through vivid imagery of nature. now streaming on your favorite platform.

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