Tribes gather. It's what they do. 

Tribes were the first way civilization identified who was in, what was safe, and what pushed the Culture forward. Now, for the first time ever, the tribe is on the move again; with a bang! indie tribe and INVT only are pleased to announce the 2021 HOLY SMOKE! Festival July 30-31, 2021 in Atlanta.

While many platforms exist for artists to gain exposure and hone their performance skills, the HOLY SMOKE! Festival will be focused strictly on showcasing and building collaborative opportunities for the independent artist. Recently, indie tribe has shown major industry success behind their recent release U P P E R H A N D, which eclipsed J.Cole’s Offseason drop on the iTunes charts and rested right under DMX’s posthumous #1 bid Exodus. The festival announcement comes on the heels of the new music video for the hit single, “TRIBAL COUNCIL”

The festival will highlight independent talent, with a focus on providing opportunities to discover new artists to collaborate with and learn from. The dream is to create a new “tribe” of successful independent artists from all over the US, and the world. 

As the world reopens post-pandemic, the festival offers an engaging way to get music lovers and music creators out of their homes, and back into the live music arena, promising a dope addition to an already jam-packed summer 2021. 

As we’ve seen, the tribe is on the move. 

Are you ready for the inaugural HOLY SMOKE! Festival? Stay tuned for more details!

Festival Schedule

Day 1 - July 30
5PM EST: SHOOTOUT CLASSIC (Basketball Tournament)

10PM EST: TRIBE ONLY VIP PARTY (invite only + TRIBE ONLY VIP afterparty + screening of indie tribe documentary)

Day 2 - July 31
12PM EST: HOLY SMOKE! Festival

Ticket Tiers

- 1 Day GA Tickets: Entry into HOLY SMOKE! 2021 Festival on Saturday, July 31.

- 2 Day GA Tickets: Entry into SHOOTOUT CLASSIC on Friday, July 30 and HOLY SMOKE! 2021 Festival on Saturday, July 31.

- 2 Day UPPERHAND VIP: Entry into SHOOTOUT CLASSIC on Friday, July 30 and HOLY SMOKE! 2021 Festival on Saturday, July 31, priority access on both days, special seating for SHOOTOUT CLASSIC, and VIP section during HOLY SMOKE! 2021 Festival.

- 2 Day TRIBE ONLY VIP: UPPERHAND perks plus access to TRIBE ONLY VIP afterparty + screening on Friday, July 30 & official Festival t-shirt. 

Tickets are entitled Holder to the HOLY SMOKE! 2021 event specified on the ticket face, subject to the terms and conditions below.

Holder grants permission to the HOLY SMOKE! 2021, event promoters and their respective agents, affiliates and licensees (“Licensed Parties”) to utilize, without compensation of any kind, the Holder’s image or likeness incidental to any lice recorded video display or other transmission or reproduction of the event, in whole or in part, and in perpetuity in connection with the promotional activities of the Licensed Parties.

HOLY SMOKE! 2021 is an all-ages event. Tickets are non-refundable. Rain or shine event.

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Do you ever perform outside of Atlanta? My son and his wife would love to see you guys perform but getting to Atlanta would be difficult.


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